The Community Development Summit is where the leading thinkers and doers in community & economic development convene, learn, and collaborate.

The Community Development Summit is where the leading thinkers and doers in community & economic development convene, learn, and collaborate.


About The Summit

The Community Development Summit, hosted annually by Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group in conjunction with the Urban Land Institute - Pittsburgh District Council, is the premier regional conference that covers community development topics. With nearly 600 participants from 11 states, our two-day event not only showcases PCRG’s work with, and on behalf of, our 60 members; it also highlights state-of-the-art community development techniques. Participants gain exposure to industry best practices and national trends, develop tactics to enhance the quality of life of those they serve, and will dive deeply into sessions that describe how communities are creating cross-sector partnerships for lasting, inclusive change.

refocusing on basics:

For 2019, PCRG focused on its roots: access to capital – for individuals and businesses - and ensuring that we’re investing in people as much as place. How to access capital, and who can, is fundamentally shifting and at an accelerating rate.  Capital targeted at low/moderate income communities is not benefiting low/moderate-income individuals; often it is the opposite.  The movement towards financial technology, away from bricks-and-mortar banking, brings both new flexibility and further threatens to cut off access to capital in the communities most desperate for it.  PCRG seeks proposals that underscore these issues and provide insight into how to make the new world of capital accountable to the communities who need it most and work for those we seek to lift up.

Our Summit espouses to the following values:

  • ·We believe advocacy and coalition-building play crucial roles in addressing systemic inequity;

  • We value public awareness and promoting inclusion beyond participation;

  • We value listening to people from different races, genders, orientations, ages, economic classes, sectors, and industries (especially within individual session presentations);

  • We believe our sector needs practitioners who are informed, capable, and excellent. We value flexibility and believe it is important to always be learning new things;

  • We value those who acknowledge and learn from failure as well as success;

  • We value presenters who are willing to discuss difficult professional topics with complexity, honesty, and vulnerability;

  • We value the work it takes to pass projects, organizations, and advocacy onto the next generation.

We hope that you will join us in celebrate with, learn from and inspire each other to create equitable communities of opportunity in which everyone can thrive.


Ernie Hogan,

Executive Director, Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group