About The Summit

In the span of a generation, Pittsburgh’s urban fabric has changed dramatically. PCRG, our members, partners, and friends have been instrumental in one of the most notable turnarounds of an American city, driven by its grassroots. But, as Pittsburgh shifts, our collective work plan must as well. 

PCRG and partner Urban Land Institute – Pittsburgh District Council, are excited to announce the Eighth Annual Community Development Summit at the Omni William Penn Hotel, May 15–16, 2018. With nearly 600 participants from 11 states, our two-day event not only showcases PCRG’s work with, and on behalf of, our 60 members; it also highlights state-of-the-art community development techniques. Participants gain exposure to industry best practices and national trends, develop tactics to enhance the quality of life of those they serve, and will dive deeply into sessions that describe how communities are creating cross-sector partnerships for lasting, inclusive change.

This year, PCRG is celebrating our thirtieth anniversary of working with community leaders for economic justice and equitable resources to revitalize the Pittsburgh region. Many things have changed since the beginning of our collective movement, and we honor the people and organizations whose accomplishments have achieved that over the past three decades. However, new challenges and opportunities continue to present themselves to us in our changing cities and towns. This year, we provide space for reflection and rejuvenation while setting the stage for the work still to come. We believe that it is possible to foster communities that are equitable for everyone. Community development must pivot from reacting to decline to capitalizing on growth for all. Our Summit will highlight successful examples to motivate change in the region and beyond. 


Ernie Hogan,

Executive Director, Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group