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2019 Community Development Summit Survey

In order to continuously improve the Community Development Summit we want your feedback. Please complete this survey about your experience. All responses will be compiled and kept anonymous.

On a scale of 1 - 5, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent, please rate the Summit on the following categories by selecting one option:

For the following questions, please select one option.

Overall Organization of the Summit *
Rating of Wednesday Plenary (Allan Mallach) *
Rating of Thursday Breakfast Plenary ( Andrea Batista Schlesinger) *
Rating of Thursday Lunch Keynote Speaker (Nate Smith) *
Length of Time Allotted for Breaks *
Overall Quality of the Annual Awards Ceremony and Reception *
Overall Summit Experience *
What rate did you pay to attend the Summit? *
How would you rate the value of this year's Summit Registration levels? *
Which category best describes yourself? *
Would you attend the Summit next year? *
Would you recommend the Summit to a colleague? *
What was the biggest reason that you chose to register? *
What's your primary area of policy interest? *
Which best describes where you work? *
Would you be interested in helping with the planning of next years summit?